Our specialty product areas include:

Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Topicals, Liquids, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmeceuticals.

Practice Integration

Adding supplements to a practice can be a daunting task.  Designing products and protocols while managing the initial cash flow is complex.  Whether you are starting a complete product line from scratch or utilizing “house products” or other vendors you already purchase from, CSC allows a Clinician to keep the focus on the practice and the patient while we do all the work. 

CSC will train staff and supply marketing materials on all products.  Additionally, we can maintain inventory across your entire product line even with products we do not supply or manufacture. 

Using CSC’s extensive history and relationships we are able to negotiate lower prices on products you already buy.

Order Tracking

Inventory management

Inventory can make or break a business and CSC knows that to much inventory ties up cash and to little can slow down cash flow and cause a lack of order continuity that hurts customer confidence.  Let CSC maintain your inventory, maintain back stock at our facilities and provide house products quickly. We ensure delivery & quick turn around times for those hot products that fly off the shelves.

Practice Specific Protocols

Different practices require different supplements.  Your practice is individual to you and your patients and your supplements should be too.  From Chiropractic to Seminarian, we ensure you get access to the newest products on the market and those most important to your specialty.

Patient Education

CSC is able to create custom designed informative slicks and research material for your waiting area as well as patient education videos.  Seminars done by yourself or the CSC staff can be arranged with your products and CSC specialists will allow the patient to ask the questions they need answered before starting an integrative program.

Promotional Articles & Supporting Research For Products

A product is more than its ingredients.  CSC can create researched backed documentation for your product and its ingredients. 

This ensures patient education, brand uniqueness, and product recognition.

CSC Staff

CSC excels at staff education.  Coming from the Clinical marketing side, the staff at CSC knows how time is precious and how important the additional non re-imburseable services can be to the bottom line. Through staff education and patient education combined with promotional materials, CSC is able educate the staff and the patient on how important integrative health is.  By helping to create a better sense of staff involvement the patient feels truly “wired in” and the staff becomes self motivated.

National Distribution Networks

CSC can help to take your product beyond the reach of your clinic, practice or store and help to get your product into the open market in health food stores, health chains, and even other health and wellness facilities.

Private Label Manufacturing

CSC excels in private label manufacturing.  Manufacturing private label products with your unique name or logo will make your patients more confident in the supplements you recommend.

Low Minimums

CSC is able to deliver products with low minimums on custom formulas and almost no minimum on our own house brands.

Exclusive Formulations

CSC has formulas made ready to ship that are market exclusives.  CSC is able to create your own propriety blends that can be exclusive to you and your line.

Turnkey Direct Response Programs

In the case you would like to bring your product to mass market via web, radio, or TV cask can handle it all. From product development, media buying and brokerage, fulfillment to customer service.

Product Fulfillment

Clinicians may not have the time, space, or staff to handle re-orders, shipping, and follow up with their customers.  CSC can handle shipping, remarketing, upselling, and inventory management of your individual product