DHEA Spray



DHEA Spray, 1 fl. oz

Serving Size: 1 fl. oz

Brand: CSC

A dietary supplement to help maintain normal levels of the DHEA hormone.*

DHEA Spray is:

  • Available in a convenient easy to use form.
  •  Soy free
  •  In a base of sunflower lecithin and natural orange flavor.

Studies have shown that supplementing with DHEA may benefit:

  •  the immune system*
  •  blood sugar metabolism and weight management*
  •  brain and bone health*
  •  heart health*
  •  estrogen and testosterone levels*

Serving Size: 1 Spray (0.2 ml)

Amount Per Serving: DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) 5 mg Stevia Leaf Extract 0.4 mg

Other ingredients: glycerin, water, ethyl alcohol, sunflower oil, oleic acid polyglyceride, sunflowerlecithin, pectin, natural grape flavor, citric acid.

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